How to set up an account on Layvy

The process of setting up an account on Layvy is simple, but there might be some details worth mentioning. Here’s how you can do it in two steps:

Register using your email

Go to and enter your details: email, username, first and last name. NOTE – you do not have to enter your password at this time. After completing the form you will receive from us an email with a confirmation link – after clicking it you will be able to set a password.

After confirming the new password you will be able to log in at 

Log in using your Facebook or Google account

As in the regular registration method, go to, and then scroll to the bottom. There, you will find buttons to log in via Facebook or Google. After clicking the preferred option you will be asked to enter access data to your account. After a successful verification, you will be returned to Layvy home.

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