How to add an online event on Layvy in 7 easy steps?

Hello! We’re glad you want to add your (or other found online) event to Layvy. Thanks to our platform you will be able to reach a broad audience who wants to join live events on the web. Here’s how you do it!

1. Add the event in the language of the audience you want to reach

Events created in English will only be available in the English version of the website while events created in Polish will only be available on the Polish pages. Use the language change option in the main menu or footer. Below is a screenshot where you can find this option exactly.

2. Go to the my account panel by clicking the “Add Event” button

To add an event online, simply click the icon in the header on the right. Then the system will take you to the appropriate section in the organizer’s panel. Another way is to log in to your account by clicking “My Account” and then selecting the “Add Event” option.

3. Complete the basic information about the event

In the Basic Information tab you will find the first important fields to fill in to add an event. They are:

Event name – Try to concisely define the topic of the event. Avoid the words “online”, “live”, “live” as they are the only type of events allowed on our platform 🙂

Category – you can choose from the following: Fitness and Sport, Entertainment, Science, Business and Other. If you think your event does not fall into any of these categories, please send us a short email at

Tags – maximum 6. You have no name restrictions here, the sky is the limit! Remember that well-chosen tags can make your online event more discoverable.

Description – we believe that you know best how to encourage users to join your event.

Event location – due to the fact that all events are delivered online, please place a link to the place where users can find direct access to the event transmitted by you on a specific day at a specific time.

Organizer data – we will use the data provided by you during the registration process (or logging in via Facebook or Google). If you want to provide different information, check the option available in this field. Then several possible fields will be opened – name, phone, email, and access to your social media channels – to replace the original information.

Main event photo online – this is the photo that will be shown to users on the main page of your event. The recommendation on the best format is described on the adding event page. We recommend the use of an appealing photo here.

4. Make your event even more attractive with photos and video gallery!

In this tab, you can add more photos encouraging users to join your event, as well as add a link to the video on YouTube.

5. Add an e-ticket to a free or paid online event

To give users the option of booking access to your online event, you must add an electronic ticket.

Adding a new ticket consists on the following steps:

  1. Add the name of your event
  2. Set its type -> free or paid
  3. Specify the total number of tickets available
  4. Determine when this particular ticket will be available to users for booking. NOTE -> this is not the place where you determine when the event will take place. About this later in this article.
  5. Set the last day and time of ticket availability.
You can skip the remaining fields 
Finally, click the button at the very bottom to confirm that the ticket type has been added.

6A. Add a one-time event

After clicking the “Calendar” tab, select the type of online event as “one-time”. Specify the exact day and time when your event starts and ends.

6B. Add a recurring event

After clicking the “Calendar” tab, select the type of event online as “recurring” (repeating). Start by entering the start and end times. Then set the repeatability of your event. Your event can take place every day, every week, every month or every year. Use the field after the “This event repeats” to be able to determine how often it repeats. Enter “1” if the event is to take place on each selected day, week, month. Enter “2” if the event is to take place every other day, week, month, etc.

Finally, set the start and end dates for the availability calendar of your event.

Disable date: the last option available is to block the event from being available for the time period you specify.

7. Add a discount coupon for special guests (if you added a paid event)

In the last tab you are able to add a discount coupon for your special guests. You can grant a percentage discount. Remember to add the date and time of the beginning and end of the promotion and determine the number of codes available for use. Finally, click “Add coupon”. Voila!


Your event will then go to our system and after quick verification we will make it available on Layvy.


If you would like to add your event online to the list of events on Layvy, but you do not have time to get through all 7 steps, send us an email to with details and we will add the event for you 🙂

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