10 cool things you can do during quarantine to use this time in an effective and fun way

Nowadays, in the era of ubiquitous access to information, there is probably no one in our immediate vicinity who does not realize the situation in which the whole world found itself. Coronavirus has taken over all the headlines, sneaked into TV sets, political and economic life, even memes. We all feel the effects.

They are certainly smarter than us, who provide reliable information on this subject, provide tips on how we should behave; what to do and what to avoid. We recommend checking the World Health Organization – WHO website and the government’s pages for coronavirus information

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One thing is certain: everyone – like a mantra – repeats two words: stay home. Hashtags #stayhome, #stayathome, #stayhomesavelives, #COVID (3.3 million tweets) are currently one of the most popular in social media. Some people were happy that they could finally relax and sit in their cozy apartments, others were terrified at the thought of restricting travel, not going to yoga classes or not being able to meet friends. Sooner or later, everyone may get bored, and feel general fatigue associated with being enclosed in four walls. Below we give you a handful of solutions!

1. Cleanup part one
In the last few months, you haven’t had a look at your wardrobe, tool storage, basement, garage and the highest shelf in the kitchen that you almost never noticed? Could there be a better time for this? We know – spring brings more and more beautiful weather, but for now, we can not quite use it. But spring is also a great time for #springcleaning!

2. Cleaning up part two
Okay, all the corners of the house reviewed and washed out, old clothes sorted, washing done? If you also oiled the creaking door and repainted the walls or repaired a cabinet that had been broken for three years, you can be really proud of yourself. Time for a beer and a good movie. Or… about time for the second part of the organizing! Since the “home” has already been put together, look through all emails and bring your computer files to order (we call out all the freelancers who have never had a problem with a desktop littered with files named along “xhishddsn.pdf”,”lastversionfinallatest_93399.pdf” – throw a stone first!). It is scientifically proven that ordering the closest surroundings is good for our psyche and well-being. So let’s get it over with! 

3. Netflix & chill
In “normal” times, you were still at crossroads of going from one place to another, you might not have left work early or worked so much that there was no time for anything else. This is the moment to catch up with all of those shows, tv series and movies that have been waiting for you all this time. Netflix and HBO GO have a lot to offer.

4. Body & Mind
In the era of workaholism, constant pursuit of “something”, multitasking and eternal shortage of time, there are still activities that can’t fit our 24-hour day. And these are activities that are really important – for example, taking a really good care of yourself. So if you were still looking for excuses, it’s time to do something about it. However, if you are a person who is already actively spending time and caring for your external and internal self – do not let the current situation lower your morale.

In the next article, we’ll give you some inspiration for online training, yoga, meditation apps and psychology podcasts. Stay tuned!

5. Save! (or: Spend money wisely!)
It is known that coronavirus does not have a good impact on the global economy and finances of most of us, but in this article, we focus on positives. Imagine how much money you’ve saved sitting at home. Of course, we turn here to the part of readers who actually have the option of implementing #stayhome life. We bow our heads to those who go to work every day for the safety, as well as for the possibility of providing basic needs of us all!

So we turn to you who stay at home – you don’t spend your money on Ubers and Bolts, you don’t eat (or drink!) out, you don’t spend on travels, you don’t spend on shopping outside regular grocery needs – count how much you’ve already saved. Unless you have started compulsively ordering a heap of unnecessary things via the Internet (the twentieth dress and the tenth pair of similar sneakers), there is a good chance that your account has a bit more money than a month ago around the same time.

6. Learn something new part one
Learning a language is always a good idea, and since you have so much time now, why not give it a try? How about downloading a language learning app to your smartphone and taking care of it for 30 minutes a day instead of scrolling through the next (not so funny) memes and overwhelming news? 😀

How can you develop your language skills even further? Watch movies with subtitles, and … read books – how about Harry Potter in Polish?

7. Learn something new part two
Is language learning too boring for you? You can find tutorials for pretty much everything on the Internet. How to build a castle from box of matches? Make a new dress? Prepare a vegan carbonara? Or maybe makeup for the first quarantine party after it’s over? Or an online course ending with a Harvard certificate? Find something for yourself! We’ll give you more inspiration in the next articles.

8. Read
Take a break from coronavirus news and scrolling throuhg social media. Pick up a book that has been waiting for a year for you to finally open it and cut yourself off from the world. Surely you still have titles at your home that you haven’t even started yet. And if we are wrong – the Internet does not disappoint in this issue – there are thousands of e-books on the Internet in the written form and as audiobooks. No more excuses!

9. (Don’t) go on a date
Are you the lucky one who is in quarantine with your other half? Do not roll your eyes, it is known that staying together is brighter, even if you have enough of it 🙂 To avoid boredom, arrange a date at home. Put on some cool clothes (pajamas will not pass), good food (maybe you can order a pizza and pasta from your favorite place?), Nice music, games, movies, or whatever you fancy. The festive atmosphere is important!

If you don’t have the other half (nothing bad, you’re probably in majority:D), we recommend a date with yourself – yes, we’re serious! Do you have someone closer in your life than you do? No! Dress to make yourself happy and do something nice for yourself. You know best what it will be!
And for couples spending quarantine at a distance, we recommend dating through video calls – appreciate the fact that you can see and hear (even eat dinner together), and not be forced to wait a few weeks for a letter from a loved one! Although – maybe writing letters is not such a bad idea at all? 😉

10. Last, but not least: check in with your loved ones
Okay, dates are one thing, but remember about your family and loved ones too. Or maybe also about further friends whom you still value very much, but because of having too many duties, recently your contacts have fallen a bit worse? It’s the perfect time to fix it! Enjoy a glass of wine during a Skype call with high school classmates? Playing Fifa together with your friends from college? Tea with your mother and aunt? Check your contacts and see who you can start with. We guarantee that you will be able to fill many evenings and afternoons with such meetings. And make many people smile and think that they are not alone during this time! Have a nice evening!

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